You Are Creative, I Promise.

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”  ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

I used to believe that I was not a creative person. In fact, I proudly exclaimed it. I never thought of my writing as being a creative. For so many years, I wrote for other people. I wrote about things that I did not find interesting and nothing about that felt creative (or good). I believe that the product suffered as a result.

In graduate school, I had one professor tell me my writing was a catastrophe and he wondered how I graduated high school (where I received awards every year for my writing?) and at the same time I had another professor tell me that my writing was “amazing” and “insightful” even “profoundI felt like a crazy person. Unfortunately, I believed the person that thought my writing was a disaster. I regret that decision.

Now I understand that writing, even professional writing, is a form of artistic expression. There is a flow and and a pace that each of us has with our written word. Much like the stroke of a paint brush or the strum of a guitar some people will love your work, some people will hate it and some people will not understand it.

Last weekend, I was visited by a long lost dear friend. A man I’ve loved and adored for over a decade. One of his paintings hangs in my living room. I have always considered him to be a talented artist. We talked for hours about his writing projects and the novels he is working on. I am also working (slowly) on a novel but I shrugged it off. He stood in my kitchen offended that I would treat my art that way. He was right. He accused me of leaving my characters stuck on a page. He was right. I’m back working on the novel with thanks to his encouragement.

But, this message is for you. You are creative. We all are. And for all you parents out there, I know those Legos are not just for the kids! There are so many ways to be creative and express your creativity. Some people cook, some people craft, some people dance, some people sing, some people write poetry, some people write screenplays, some people write blogs about whatever they feel like (that’s me), some people take pictures, some people build houses, some people dress with style, some people teach (I could go on and on). I know some people that do all of the above and it is incredible.

The point is to take what you do and be creative with it in some way. Add a splash of color to your life. Please, share your wonderful, beautiful, and awesome uniqueness with the world.

If you need science to encourage you:

“Researchers at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa and the University West in Sweden have found creativity lies at the root of innovation, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and faster brain processing. The findings, which were published in the Creativity Research Journal, highlight the brain’s ability to integrate and process problems and alternative solutions faster if its creative side is more highly developed.” –  (2014)

“Instead, the entire creative process– from preparation to incubation to illumination to verification– consists of many interacting cognitive processes (both conscious and unconscious) and emotions. Depending on the stage of the creative process, and what you’re actually attempting to create, different brain regions are recruited to handle the task.” –  Scott Barry Kaufman (2013)

Remember, if someone says your art is a disaster kindly bid them adieu and share your creation with someone who appreciates your style because I promise, they are out there just waiting for you to create. 


“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”  ― Pablo Picasso

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”  ― Albert Einstein


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