The First Day of An Adventure.

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl

“This is way more important than a drink at the bar, the smoke we keep recycled in the dark. This is friends, this is life, this is the shit we did last night, and the memories that fade with sweet delight” – Anthony Adani, Matadors of Shame

I think my favorite thing about being in a new place, is the first day in that new place. I love how it feels to settle in to a new location and slowly notice the unique aspects about this corner of the world. The first day of an adventure feels the most ambitious and exciting of any day of the trip. As time wears on, we are forced to become acclimated to new places and even after a short time, they start to feel a little less new.

I am actively trying to avoid taking these moments of being in a new place for granted. I am reminded of the episode of The Office when Jim and Pam get married In Niagara Falls. She told Jim she was going to take mental pictures of the special moments because it was going to go so fast. I have tried to adopt that practice in my everyday life, but especially in moments like these. It’s true, before I know it, I will be back to my normal life (which is not awful, but is not vacation).

I will try to make sure I am especially mindful of savoring these fleeting moments of wonderfulness. 

I want to make sure to take time to actually form the memories. I can get so caught up in my mind: What happens next? What I should be doing? Sometimes I forget to actually pay attention to the fun I am having now. I am certain that my inability to stay in the present moment (and form a memory) is the reason I lose my keys, my purse, and my jacket on a regular basis.

I love taking actual photographs for this reason, but I want to remember more than the pictures. I want to remember the way it feels to be in this new place with people I love. If I do not pause to notice how I’m feeling in each moment, I will not be able to recall the feeling later. Maybe I am a sucker for sentimentalities.

My favorite memories of my childhood are from family vacations. For a few years in a row, we would pack up in the car and drive from Arizona down to a small fishing village in Mexico. I remember staying on the beach with my parents and my brother, looking out at the ocean and feeling an overwhelming sense of peace. My family has since dissolved and I wish that I had made a point to be more intentional about appreciating those moments.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look up from this laptop and make some memories.

“Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.”
Oscar Wilde


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