That Was A Hell Of A Day.

“What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.”
C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew

For many of us, what we choose to see and how we choose to tell our stories makes all the difference between believing we have an overall good life or an overall bad life. The problem is, we may not always be aware of how we are narrating our lives. Let me present you with an example of the same day told two different ways

First Scenario

How was your day?

Listen to this shit, my tire blew on the way to work and I couldn’t find the insurance paperwork for forever. Then I called my husband and of course he didn’t answer right away. He offered to come help and I was like, “Like you know what you’re doing with a car! Get back to whatever you were doing and I’ll call them myself.” I finally got a hold of the wrecker and you would not believe how long I had to wait for them. I was like “Fine, like I have a choice.” I was in such a bad neighborhood, too! Some creepy dude pulled up behind me and came up to my window so  I cracked the window and yelled at him to go away. I refused to make eye contact with him. Weirdo. The wrecker got there and took his sweet time reminding me a donut wasn’t safe. Like I’m an idiot!

Then, I finally got to work and my boss looked at me like she was annoyed I was late and I thought to myself, I bet you can’t wait to write this on my review. Then I could hear Carol in the next cubicle rattling on about how I’m always late. I stood up and looked her dead on. She shut up.

Oh and then the husband called, he had the nerve to ask how I was. I said “Fine, no thanks to you!” And then! I got to daycare to pick Chelsea up and the lady that is supposed to watch my kid said that Toby bit her. I lost it. I told her that I was going to pull Chelsea out of there if it happened again.

I got home and the husband was sitting in his chair not doing shit, like always. I just shook my head with Chelsea in hand and headed towards the kitchen. Of course, Chelsea screamed throughout dinner. Can you believe, Ted wants another kid. He doesn’t do anything to help with the first one. Anyway, I got to go. The kid needs a bath and Ted “wants a hug.” I know what he wants and he’s not getting sex tonight. Bye.

Second Scenario

How was your day?

Hey! Thanks for checking in on me. My day was full of adventure. Do you have a minute for me to tell you what happend? You do? Awesome.

So, my tire blew and I called Ted. He offered to come help me, but I know he’s busy so I called the wrecker. They said it would only be 30 minutes! That’s pretty quick. Then! A nice guy stopped to help me out. Some people can be pretty great. I thanked him and told him that help was on the way. The wrecker made sure the spare was on and reminded me to get it fixed as soon as I could.

I made it to work in pretty good time given how eventful the morning went. And, then my boss came up to me to say she was glad everything was okay. I really appreciate her support. Oh Remember Carol? I think she’s still struggling. I could hear her talking about me being late, but I shrugged it off, some people seem to want to find things to be upset about. Then Ted called and I thanked him for reminding me about the roadside part of our insurance. Where would I be without him?

When I picked Chelsea up from daycare Susan said that Toby bit her again. I checked her arm and there wasn’t a mark. It didn’t even break the skin. I know she loves those kids and Toby is going through the biting stage. Bless his mom’s heart!

Ted was relaxing when I got home and I gave him a kiss and thanked him again for his help. Guess what? Chelsea still hates peas so the dog got a mouthful of treats tonight. I’m gonna get her in the tub and then cuddle with my husband and maybe make another baby.

Can I give you a call later this week to see how you’re doing?


Thanks for listening.

Can you tell what made the same day different?


“I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am.”
Arthur Rimbaud


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