Dear Word Press and Email Subscribers,

My personality style does not lend itself well to details. Thus, I make spelling and grammar errors in many of my posts. I usually catch them upon later review and make the appropriate edits but that does not fix the email versions. This means that sometimes you end up with wonky versions that are beyond my ability to alter. I apologize for this.

I know it’s a pet peeve and distracts some readers. I hope you can forgive my brain.

All the love.



3 thoughts on “Grammar.

  1. Hey! If anybody criticizes your blog posts for little typos and insignificant little grammar boo boo’s they just don’t get what you are doing VERY WELL in your blog so just tell me and I will punch them! (Yeah, that’s a run-on sentence that’s missing some commas! ) love you and love what you share!

    Your mother-in-law!

    Sent from my iPhone



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