Mind Your Own Underwear!

This transgender bathroom business is ludicrous. Listen, Caitlyn Jenner is not the first trans person. Trans folks have been around forever. Agree with it or not, it’s the way it is.

Picture this, I’m in line in the ladies room and some lady wants to be an awful person and she starts accusing me of not “really” being a “woman” and then what? Am I obligated to show her my business? Am I obligated to show her my driver’s license and share my personal information with this awful person to prove that I’m a woman?

What if she calls law enforcement? Am I obligated to show this person my personal information? I was just trying to use the bathroom and now we have a dust up over my genitals? The police are involved, this lady demands to know “what I am”

Okay, I can hear you saying “Sissy, you look like a woman!”

Do I? What does that look like anymore? I don’t want to be examined that closely in the public restroom. I don’t want anyone looking at anyone that closely in the public restroom. What if someone just wants to be awful and targets me for kicks. That happens and now that can legally happen.

You’ve been sharing a public restroom with trans folks forever and didn’t know it because they have always been here.

Do you want people examining you in the public restroom? Sizing you up? Trying to figure out “what you are” or “if you belong there”

This isn’t about pedophiles or predators, it is about personal privacy and personal protection.

What about the kids? Do you want people examining your kids when you’re not around trying to decide where they fit? Developing kids and adolescents can look pretty gender ambiguous. I surely wouldn’t want someone looking at one of my nieces or nephews trying to decide “what they are”

Mind your own underwear. Stay in your own lane.



2 thoughts on “Mind Your Own Underwear!

  1. Your post is logical, well thought out and well written. This is what is wrong with it, you are being logical when most of the world can’t even begin to use logic since so few people have any common sense anymore. Keep being logical and keep writing.

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