The Real Problem With Hillary – Bryan Worthington

The real problem with Hillary

I’m with her. I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. And as strongly as I feel about my support for her, and as much as she has been winning primaries and caucuses (and the nomination from the Democratic party), it seems her support is largely silent. You see it, but not on the scale of Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.

Why is that?

We on the left, have never been so eager to swallow up the rhetoric from Republican candidates. We will disregard and fight against everything Donald Trump has to say on race, or religion, or just plain old hate speech, but we echo what he has to say about Hillary Clinton.

Why is that?

Hillary Clinton is a crooked, power hungry liar.

Is she?

No one has ever said Barack Obama was power hungry. He went from state senator to U.S. senator to the President in ten years. You have to be a little hungry for that to happen, right? Is that a bad trait? Hillary has been working in politics for nearly fifty years. A community that didn’t want her. She wanted it, and she found ways to stay in the game, to stay relevant, while routinely being shut out. Usually, we call that grit and we admire that kind of determination, but not with her.

Why is that?

Hillary started her career fighting against racism and fighting for women and children. These are usually things we admire in a candidate, but not her.


You only want to vote for her because she’s a woman.

 Yeah, well… maybe? I don’t know that that is a terrible reason. Someone who will fight for women’s rights is probably a good thing. It was amazing for children of color to be able to see the most powerful person in the world looked like them. They weren’t as marginalized as they were the day before. It will mean something to young girls growing up and women who do not feel empowered to see a woman leading the free world.

Look, I am not telling you to support her, I am not telling you to not support Bernie, but I am asking you to look at your rhetoric and critically think about the things you say about her. Where is it coming from? Why don’t you liker her? Do you really agree with Donald Trump?

“Look, if we’ve had 44 men in a row be president and maybe if we had 44 women in a row, it might just, maybe even this out” – Greg Proops


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