Conversation Between Man and God

This Orlando shooting has me feeling a lot of emotions. I volunteered at Pride this weekend to contribute to a community for which I feel deeply connected. I keep reading all these comments about God and I thought when I talk to God it doesn’t sound like that at all. For the record, I don’t hear voices and I’m a Secular Buddhist by practice but I have a deep sense of connection to something greater than myself. I can’t help but look out at the cosmos in awe. Or, look at a beautiful flower, the faces of my nieces and nephews, and my sweet pets and not feel a sense of something beyond words.

How I Make Sense of God

Man: Homosexuality is wrong

God: Do you see that rose over there, I made it, just like I made you. Exactly the way it is supposed to be.

Man: My wife hates me

God: Do you act lovingly and kind to her

Man: I need my guns

God: You need guns because there is not enough love in the world

Man: What is the most courageous thing I can do with my life

God: Act in Love , especially when met with hate or fear

Man: I’m going to Hell

God: Why would I create you to throw you away? Why would I create Hell?

Man: Muslims are going to Hell

God: That can’t be, I created them too

Man: What’s wrong with religion

God: It’s about power and not about love.

Man: But what about, love the sinner hate the sin

God: Why do you insist on hating so much

Man: But the Bible says…

God: The take home message was Love. It’s really a manual on the importance of Love. Especially Part two

Man: But the bible says I have permission to hate/act violently towards people who believe differently than I do.

God: I created the people that feel differently than you do, too, so you can’t hurt them either. You must love them, too.

Man: I don’t believe in the Bible

God: You don’t need to, there are a lot of different versions of the same thing that really just ask you to Love. I didn’t just create Christians.

Man: Why is there so much violence in the world

God: Maybe because people hate themselves (and think it makes them productive) and perpetuate that hate on other people, including children, who then grow up to hate.

Man: I’m not good enough

God: That’s curious? Do you ever look at that tree out there and say that limb is in the wrong place? Is it a perfect tree? No, it’s perfectly imperfect just like you. I made you unique. It’s your gift not your curse.

Man: I made a huge mistake

God: Love yourself instead of beating yourself up. Beating yourself up only makes you tired and hateful. If you love yourself, you will be less likely to make that mistake again. It’s magic. Also, if you are loving towards yourself you will be much more loving with others. What’s inside spills out.

Man: What happens after we die

God: Something else

Man: Why do bad things happen to good people

God: I’m sorry but that answer comes later. The universe is a complicated place.



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