When My Mom Ruled The Dinosaur Kingdom.

One of my favorite memories of childhood is with my mom and me. I was in first grade and I was really sick. So sick, in fact, I had to miss the field trip to the dinosaur museum. I was devastated. I listened as my mom talked to the teacher begging her to bring me back a souvenir.  I sobbed in the background. I was so devastated.

On the day the class went to the museum, my mom set up my bedroom like a dinosaur museum. She strategically placed my stuffed animals all around the room. She labeled each one like it was a dinosaur. We spent that day in a magical fantasy land. It was the most perfect day ever. I was certain my mom was the ruler of the dinosaur kingdom. In fact, I believe I had a better day than any of my classmates.

Like a lot of women, my mom was told she couldn’t rule the world. She was told her opinion didn’t matter. She was not allowed to rule the kingdom. I wish she could see in her what I saw in her that day. I still wish this for her.

Politics aside, to watch a woman stand on that podium last night reminded me of that moment in my life. I know so many women that don’t believe in their own greatness. I know women that have had their voice literally beaten out of their body. I personally know the social consequences of having an opinion in the world. Most importantly, I know the magnitude and strength of womanhood.

Today, I will celebrate my voice. I will give thanks to the women that came before me to allow me my own podium. I will rest in this moment of sweetness for now.



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