My Perfect Social Media Life.

“Research coming out of positive psychology labs across the globe shows that two individuals in the exact same situation in the external world can have two completely different perceptions of the world that are both equally true. Because your brain can process only forty bits of information per second, you are merely picking and choosing from the eleven million pieces of information you are receiving.” – Shawn Achor


No one has a perfect life.

That being said, it’s a shame that people can’t celebrate each other’s happiness and successes without making it about them. This post comes off the heels of a Huffington Post article where the author shamed people for doing the “Love Your Spouse” challenge because some people are probably struggling and we shouldn’t rub happiness in their faces.

I disagree.

I am a fierce fighter for my happiness. I will look for happiness in the clouds, the flowers, a cup of coffee, and a cat meme. I will hunt happiness down like the fugitive that it is. Why do I approach happiness this way? Because that’s the only way to be happy.

I learned long ago that no one was going to deliver a box of happiness to my door. I realized that my life would never be perfect. I decided to radically accept the hand I was dealt and search for any shred of happiness I could find. Magically, this worked wonders.

I’m not going to dull my sparkle or hide my smile to make you comfortable. My life is far from perfect and that’s just fine. In fact, that’s how this was designed. I was never promised a happy life. Truthfully, there have been dark days on my path. However, it is the darkest days that taught me not to take a moment of this gift we call life for granted.

It will all end, that is all I I know for sure, and I will not take one beautiful, glorious, incredible moment for granted. I will love it all with no apologies. I wish the same for you.




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