How To Survive.

Pain begets pain.

Fear begets fear.

Misery does love company.

But, importantly love is the glue that binds us together.

We must not treat love, kindness, and compassion as rewards given only to the worthy. These must be given freely.

This is how we heal.

That being said, if you feel you cannot extend compassion to someone, it might be best to move a safe distance from them.

You will know it is a safe distance when you can extend love to them without resistance, fear, or anger.

No one has the right to your space.

In this time of cultural reckoning and understanding it is imperative to protect your space.

The other night at the Michigan recount, I allowed anger and hate much too close and I paid the price. I found myself being cynical and vengeful. This was a good clue that I hadn’t honored my space. Anger feels like a wet blanket holding me down. I move much more freely and happily in the world without that wet cloak.


I talk with people a lot about the right to say “no”

Remember, no one is entitled to you or your space. Even more, if they don’t treat your space like the sacred area it is, they cannot stay.

This is how you survive.