Let Myself Be Beautiful Today.

On my walk to work today, I was listening to Oprah interview Amy Schumer. They talked some about Amy’s new movie I Feel Pretty. I was struck by the part of the conversation where they talked about how we culturally feel like we have permission to comment on other people’s bodies.

I am grateful for the opportunity to age and have more time on this planet with the people I love. With this, I notice that my body doesn’t respond to weight loss efforts or exercise with the same ease. I feel shame when my clothes don’t fit right or fit at all.

This morning I thought, what if when those thoughts come up I just say to myself “I’m going to let myself feel beautiful today” and move on. Like when I pass a storefront and I see my thighs I can say “I’m going to let myself feel beautiful today” and so on.

Maybe, I’ll try to do this tomorrow too. And, maybe I’ll try to do this the next day. Maybe, if I’m super brave, I can adopt this phrase from here on out. Maybe.

The poem accompanying this post A Love Note To My Body is by the brilliant and amazing Cleo Wade she has a book Heart Talk and you should read it and watch her TED talk.



Yes, I Pray.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve prayed. I was not raised Christian so it was never really taught to me. I just always felt in conversation with something greater than myself. I pray first thing in the morning. I pray throughout the day. I pray before I sleep at night. I pause before I start a presentation or training and offer up a prayer for support. I actively set intentions before I enter spaces and places.

I write about this now because it seems surprising to some that I engage in this behavior. A person does not have to be wedded to a structure, a book, a temple, a church, or a deity to pray or have a strong faith or belief in something greater than myself. This is not up for discussion or debate. I am not going to be swayed away from my practice or my belief because you believe your belief is better. It’s not better, it just fits you and I can respect that.

I find the Divine everywhere and in everyone. I believe we are all worthy of love as we are now. Nothing needs to change for me or you to love or be loved. It’s that simple and that complicated.

If you come to my mind, I pray for you to have love. If you come to my mind and I find you particularly bothersome, I pray for us both to have love.

Who am I praying to? I don’t know and I don’t think that matters.

Why do I pray? I don’t know, I just always have and I always will.

Why do I continue to pray? Because in the darkest hours of my life when I was sobbing on a bathroom floor, when I was hopeless and helpless, when I felt like there were no answers and no solutions, and when I felt like all was lost – prayer always made me feel less alone.

Am I suggesting you give it a try? No.

This is about me.

But, I probably pray for you.

I wish you love. I wish you so much love.

Talk soon.