Waiting To Inhale


My Shero, Brene Brown posted some pictures of a vacation in Greece and she called it her “Inhale”

And it hit me, I need a good, long, and deep inhale right now.

Exhale: Talking, solving, fixing, addressing, designing, doing, going, striving, accomplishing, running, dieting, fasting, starving, ing, ing, ing.

It’s so hard not to buy into the idea that a person must be striving or going or doing or busy or on the edge of death to have worth as a human. In a capitalist society a person’s value is contingent on how much shit they produce and how much shit they consume. I’m bloated on both.

It seems every conversation is a competition to the death around who is more strung out and wrung out.

How are you “Busy and stressed and you?”

“More busy and more stressed than you” and so on and so on.

Well, I’m taking a deep inhale. I’ve exhaled myself too much lately.

To inhale: To think, to wonder, to contemplate, to consider, to just think about things or to eat saltine crackers while looking out the window and wonder what kind of bird that it is that I’m looking at.

Deep inhale.



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